What Affects Dental Implant Cost?

July 13, 2022

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So, you’ve settled on getting dental implants from your local dentist. That’s a wise choice! After a few short appointments, these replacement teeth can restore a smile’s looks and function. However, you may still have some concerns about the procedure’s price. You probably want to ensure that your treatment is cost-effective, after all. If so, there are a few factors you’ll want to know about beforehand. To learn more, here are four crucial elements that affect dental implant cost.

Number & Location of Implants

More than anything else, your implants’ price will depend on how many you get and where you place them.

As you’d imagine, multiple dental implants will cost more than a single tooth replacement. If you need a few or more, you may want to consider more affordable alternatives like dentures or a dental bridge.

In terms of location, implants that replace front teeth are more expensive than others. To place them, dentists must practice more care to match the angle of your jawline. However, every mouth is different. It’s sometimes possible for a front-facing implant to cost less than expected.

Implant Materials

Another influence on the treatment’s cost is the material used for it.

For placement, implants need to integrate with your jawbone. As such, the best ones are usually made of titanium. Some dental surgeons use zirconium as an alternative, though, as the latter’s whiteness blends with natural teeth.

Implant Placement Method

With today’s modern tools, implant placement usually comes in two types: Static or Dynamic.

The static type requires dentists to take scans of your mouth. That way, guides can be created for surgical placement.

Meanwhile, dynamic placement uses software to guide the surgeon’s hand throughout the procedure.

The Acting Dentist’s Skill

Of course, you’ll pay more for your implant treatment if the performing dentist is highly trained and skilled. The extra cost is usually worth it since you get peace of mind from receiving the best care.

The added pay compensates the surgeon for the extra time, cost, and energy of their training. In particular, surgeons need to pass a 2-part National Board Dental Examination for state licensing. To place dental implants, your oral surgeon must undergo extensive training outside dental school, including a 4 to 6-year residency training after dental school. Later still, they also have to sit for their board certification examination.

Given your unique dental needs, your dental implant cost might look different from others. Still, learning the factors above should help you get a reasonable estimate!

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